PT Supraco Daya Wisesa, offshore Production Support and Rig Specialist for offshore facilities

Established as a subsidiary of PT Supraco Indonesia in first semester of 2008 to capture business opportunities in the provision of Offshore Production Support and Rig Specialist for offshore facilities, based on Deed of Establishment no. 32 dated April 28, 2008 made by Notary Efran Yuniarto, SH, and ratified by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights through his Decree Letter no. AHU-28431.AH.01.01.Year 2008 dated May 28, 2008. In its development, the company has been working mostly for supplying Rig Specialist for Offshore Production Facilities operating outside Indonesia, while continuing to explore any business development opportunities in marketing and providing Offshore Production Facility owned by third parties.

Composition of BOD and BOC :

Ramzi Siddiq Amier

President Director

Soeharto Nurcahyono


Lili Cholilah


Amira Ganis

President Commissioner

ISO 9001 Certification of PT Supraco Daya Wisesa

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