• Client Pekerjaan
    Chevron Geothermal Indonesia Man Power Supply ( unit rate )
    Kangean Energy Indonesia Fabrication & Mechanical Maintenance Services
    Schlumberger  Geophysics Nusantara Man Power Supply
    Petrochina Man Power Supply ( Adm, production maintenance, logistic, marine, drilling & government relation )
    PHE ONWJ Man power supply for Technical Support, Support Operation & Project Activities
    Transocean Indonesia Drilling Man power supply
    Eni Muara Bakau B.V Man Power Supply
    BUT Conoco Phillps ( Grissik ) Ltd Onshore Fabric Maintenance Service
    Premier Oil Provision of Anoa Emergency Diesel Genset Replacement
    PT. Tirta Investama ( Danone Aqua ) Turn Key Installation of PV Module, Structure and Electrical
    Chevron Indonesia Land Transportation Services
    Chevron Pacific Indonesia Well Services
    Conoco Phillips Indonesia Onshore Drilling Technical Support Services
    Conoco Phillips Indonesia Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance Services
    Pertamina EP Asset 3 ( field Jatibarang, Subang & Tambun ) Man power supply ( security, adm., operator alat berat, tenaga operasional )
    Total E&P Indonesia Man power service for Drlling, production & Administration
    VICO Light Vehicles Services
    VICO Field Warehousing Support Services
    BP Berau LTD Freight Forwarding Services

  • Client Pekerjaan
    Conoco Phillips Offshore NDT Testing
    PT Pertamina EP NDT Radiography
    PT Pertamina EP NDT & Inspection Production facilities Services
    PT Pertamina EP Piping & pipeline Inspection
    PT Medco E&P Indonesia NDT Services
    PT Medco E&P Indonesia Pipeline Inspecting by using LRUT
    Total E&P Indonesia Inspection Services
    PT. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Eddy Current Test
    Chevron Indonesia Non Destructive Testing Services
    PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia NDT Services by using LRUT
    Freeport Indonesia RT & QA QC Services
    Indonesia Power Radiography Testing
    JGC Corporation Radiography Testing
    PT. Krakatau Steel Radiography Testing
    Newmont Nusa Tenggara Provision of NDT Radiography Inspection
    PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia Inspection Services
    Pupuk Sriwijaya (PUSRI) Radiography Testing
    Sankyu Indonesia International NDT services
    Santos (Sampang) PTY LTD Lifting Inspection & Various NDT Services
    Dresser Rand Services Indonesia NDT Inspection on Turbin, Compressor & Pump
    ENI Indonesia Material Inspection, Mill Surveillance and Maint. Services
    KOP Surface Product MPI
    PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia Inspeksi Tubular Goods (Drill String Insp)
    PT. Pertamina EP Tubular Inspection Services
    PT. Pertamina Gas ( PERTAGAS ) Intelligent pig
    Pertamina Geothermal Energy Tubular Inspection Services
    Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ Provision of Tubular Inspection Services.
    Petronas Carigali Muriah Provision of Tubular nad Wire Rope Inspection
    Supreme Energy Tubular Inspection & Maintenance Services
    Total E&P Indonesia Provision Tubular Inspector Services
    Voith Paper Rolls Indonesia NDT Services on rotating equipment
    Citra Tubindo Blasting, Oiling and Coating
    PT. Apexindo Pratama Duta Inspection & Migas Certification
    PT. Apexindo Pratama Duta Annual Inspection for pedestal Crane
    PT. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction QA QC Shutdown
    Bakrie Pipe Industries Pipe Fabrication Inspector
    BP Berau-TANGGUH Tangguh LNG Inspection & Certification Services
    BUT Petrochina International (Bermuda) LTD Migas Certification & Calibration
    Chevron Indonesia Lifting Equipment Inspection And Crane Re-Certification
    PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia Inspection & Migas Certification
    CNOOC SES Ltd Sertifikasi Pressure Vessel
    Conoco Phillips Indonesia Inspection & Migas Certification
    Elnusa Inspection, calibration & migas certification
    Ensco Sarinda Offshore Inspect. & Migas Certification  Rig & Crane
    ExxonMobil Cepu LTD Provision of Boiler Inspection & Certification
    H&H Utama International Inspection & Certification of Equipment
    Japan Drilling Indonesia Inspect. & Migas Certification  Rig & Crane
    Transocean Inspect. & Migas Certification  Rig & Crane
    Pertamina EP Inspect. & Migas Certification  services
    Total E&P Indonesia Inspect. & Migas Certification  services
    Total E&P Indonesia Electrical, Rotary & pipeline Inspection & migas certification
    Total E&P Indonesia Lifting equipment Inspection
    PT. Badak Natural Gas Liquefaction Jasa Tenaga RBI Engineer untuk Program Pelaksanaan
    BUT Petrochina International (Bermuda) LTD Tank Storage Repair Services
    PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia QA Inspection Services
    PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia RBI Services For Mechanical Integrity Program
    Conoco Phillips Indonesia PCMS Software & Services
    PT. Krakatau Steel Supply Rotary Shaft Ring
    PT Medco E&P Indonesia PCMS Multy Facility Software
    Newmont Nusa Tenggara PMI Pipeline
    PT. Pertamina EP QA QC inspection services
    PT. Rohm & Haas  Indonesia Weight Scale Calibration
    Sankyu Indonesia International Visual Inspection by Boroscope
    Siemens Mechanical Test
    VICO QA/QC & Welding Inspection Services
    VICO Risk Based Inspection Services
    Chevron Indonesia Amdal Environment Monitoring
    PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia HES Due Diligence Study Services
    Conoco Phillips Indonesia Amdal Study Services
    PetroChina Amdal , UKL UPL & env monitoring ( Implementation of RKL RPL, UKL UPL )
    PT Medco E&P Indonesia Environmental Document preparation services
    Pertamina EP Reg Jawa Amdal , UKL UPL & env monitoring ( Implementation of RKL RPL, UKL UPL )
    Premier Oil Direct Selection for Provision of RKL/RPL for Phas
    PT. PLN (Persero) Jasa Konsultasi Penyusunan UKL-UPL
    Santos (Sampang) PTY LTD Environmental Monitoring Services
    Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap Provision of Consultantcy Services for UKL UPL Mon
    Total E&P Indonesia RKL RPL Implementation Report Of Mahakam Contract

  • Client Pekerjaan
    Conoco Phillips Indonesia Crane Frog Maintenance Services
    Total E&P Indonesia Installation & Disassembly of Offshore Removable Crane
    Total E&P Indonesia Provision of Offshore Modular Crane Rental Services
    Total E&P Indonesia Supply of Various Crane Spare Parts
    Premier Oil Provision of Crane Maintenance Contract
    Premier Oil Provision of Offshore Crane Hydraulic System Purchased & Services
    Petronas Carigali Provision of Crane Maintenance Services
    SYNERGY ENGINEERING Provision of Lifting Technical Authority
    SYNERGY ENGINEERING Oil Manitex Boom Repair
    PEARL OIL / MUBADALA PETROLEUM Provision of Crane and Personnel Basket Repair and Maintenance Services
    Kementrian Tenaga Kerja & Transmigrasi Kab. Banyuasin Solar Cell Purchase + Installation
    PT. SAT Oil Personnel for Frog Maintenance Service Contract

  • Client Pekerjaan
    Total E&P Indonesia River Crossing and River Banks Repair Campaign III Package B
    KS ORKA EPC of Well Pad-D for Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project
    Chevron Indonesia Procurement and Construction Service for Water Disposal Project Facility
    Santos (Sampang) PTY LTD Peluang Project Engineering Services for Maleo Modification
    Santos (Sampang) PTY LTD EPCI Maleo Production Platform Modification Services
    Chevron Pacific Indonesia Office & Housing Renovation Including Infrastructure in Duri & Dumai Area

  • Client Pekerjaan
    PT. Apexindo Pratama Duta Provision of Oyong Production Barge Services
    CNOOC SES LTD Charter Hire 1 Unit FSO for Widuri Terminal
    PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam Provision of Crane Barge and Its Package For Dredging
    SANTOS (MADURA OFFSHORE) PTY. LTD. Offshore Installation Services for Pipeline and Booster Compressor
    Total E&P Indonesia Provision of Crane Barge and Its Package For Dredging

  • Client Pekerjaan
    SANTOS (SAMPANG) PTY. LTD. MOPU Conversion and Operating Services – Maleo Development
    SANTOS (SAMPANG) PTY. LTD. Produced Water Treatment Rental Services
    SANTOS (SAMPANG) PTY. LTD. Maleo and Peluang Field Operating Services