As a pioneer business activity in the Company, SBU Inspection oversees the following works and services:

a. Statutory Inspection, Certification and Recertification Service
b. Voluntary Inspection Service
c. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Service
d. Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Service
e. Environmental Study Service
f. Blasting and Coating Service
g. Providing experienced and skilled Inspectors

Some important projects that are handled by SBU Inspection, are:

Project Name : Inspection Services

Client                   : Total E&P Indonesie

Project Period    : November 2012 – November 2015

Description         : Performing inspection services to all equipment related with plant, pressure vessel, piping, flare, valve, and its related structure and support.

Project Name  : Technical Services for Tangguh LNG Inspection and Certification Services

Client                     : BP Berau Ltd.

Project Period      : August 2013 – August 2016

Description           : Performing Inspection and Recertification for Production Facilities, Lifting Equipment, Pipelines, Platforms, Electrical Equipment, Boilers, HRSGs, Tank Calibration, ATG, Metering and other equipment.

Project Name   : Contract for Static Equipment Inspection Services in Sumatera Operations

Client                      : PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Project Period       : January 2014 – January 2017

Description            : Performing inspection, examination and installation program for examination the condition of pipeline storage tank, pressure vessel, rotating equipment in order to identify derivation, anomaly and surrounding condition which can cause equipment failure or threat of HES, security, spill of oil, hot water and gas.

Project Name    : Particular Conditions for Inspection Services

Client                       : Total E & P Indonesie

Project Period        : July 2015 – December 2017

Description             : Performing inspection activities with NDT technique on surface facilities and process plants regarding pressurize system (pipings, pressure vessels, tanks, flares, and its appurtenances, structures, and other equipment) at Mahakam Contract Area.

Project Name   : HES Due Diligence Study Services

Client                     : PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Project Period      : May 2016 – Now

Description           : Providing services of Health, Environment and Safety (HES) technical, social and community health due diligence study under Consortium with our partner at Rokan Block Area. 

Project Name    : Non Destructive Testing Services

Client                      : Chevron Indonesia Company, Chevron Makassar, Ltd. & Chevron Rapak, Ltd.

Project Period       : June 2016 – Now

Description             : Conducting Non Destructive Testing, Welding Migas/GOI qualification, Wilder Migas/GOI qualification, Mechanical Test, Failure Analysis, Vacuum Box Testing and Scaffolding Installation for inspection access of fabrication, erection, construction, work and exiting facilities at Kalimantan Operation Area.


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