As a business line being continuously developed by the Company aimed to handle construction projects in the oil and gas sector as well as non oil and gas sectors as the basis of SBU Construction development which oversees the services and work as follows:

a. Design, Engineering and Infrastructure Construction
b. Design, Engineering and Preparation Construction of Geothermal Drilling Wells
c. Design, Engineering and Construction of Building
d. Design, Construction and Installation of Tower and Electricity Substation

The major projects that are handled by SBU Construction, are:

Project Name : Water Disposal Project

Client                   : PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Project Period    : April 2010 – October 2010

Description         : Construction facilities for disposal of 150,000 BWPD access water produced from 4 (four) units Gathering Stations to be transported to central injection facility at Duri Field.

Project Name  : River Crossing and River Banks Repair Campaign III Package B

Client                     : Total E&P Indonesie.

Project Period      : May 2012 – January 2015

Description           : Providing 17 (seventeen) sets of vessel and performing repair works on pipeline river crossings in the river banks in the vicinity of live facilities producing or transporting high pressure oil, gas or unstablished condensate products, which require extreme precautions in terms or safety procedures.

Project Name   : EPC for Geothermal Power Plant in Mandailing Natal

Client                      : PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

Project Period       : 13 March 2017 – Now

Description            : Provision of engineering, procurement and construction including cut and field, access road, wellpad preparation, engine foundation, earth retaining structures, water drilling system and re-injection pipeline.

Project Name    : Model of Tribrid System In Indonesia Project

Client                       : SANWA COMSYS ENGINEERING

Project Period        : July 2017 – July 2018

Description             : Installation Solar PV home system, diesel generator in 23 locations in Pulau Putri Indonesia.

Project Name   : Construction of Foundation and Erection of Transmission Lines

Client                     : Huadong Engineering Power China

Project Period      : August 2017 – February 2018

Description           : Construction of concrete foundation and erection of transmission lines include installation of isolator and conductor lines for Geothermal Power Plant in Mandailing Natal.

Project Name   : Relocation Services for Gas Powerplant 2×25 MW from Jeranjang Lombok ke Pesanggrahan, Bali

Client                     : PT PLN Batam

Project Period      : August 2019 – July 2020

Description           : Relocate Mobile Power Plant – Gas Power Plant from Jeranjang Lombok to Bali.


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