Our People

Our People

“People are our most important asset”

The Company believe that people are the most important asset that supports the Company activities, and the foundation of our sustainability depends on their dedication to provide quality service to our Stakeholders and shareholders. Every single person in our Company has to optimally perform best services in line with the Company’s objectives. We realize that it takes a great team with a solid culture to move us to our goal, to become a reliable partner and significant player in Indonesia’s energy sector.

We move forward each day, focusing on costumer satisfaction and our responsiveness to fulfill every day demand as the key to success. By concentrating on these strengths, we are confident that our company’s operations have conformed to the international standard. This is undoubtedly accomplished through the hard work and commitment of our community of high achievers, our cutting-edge scientific approach, and most notably our incomparable teamwork.

Moreover, we are highly aware of the importance of keeping our activities in safe and environmentally responsible manner in order to achieve sustainability and growth for generations to come.

“Characteristics of RADIANT’s People” are at the heart of our business. These characteristics define who we are, guide how we work and how we expect to be treated as part of Radiant’s people.


Trusted and reliable

Achievers of High Performance

high achievers

Driven Individuals

Always trying to get ahead and succeed


Uphold the values of honesty


Capable and responsive

to opportunities or changes occur

Network Organization

Build and utilize networks


Always willing to cooperate


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