Offshore Production Facilities

Starting as a Service Company to support dredging operation in Delta Mahakam, PT. Supraco Lines has steadily grown into a business providing a wide range of offshore services.

Year 2011 marked a big step for PT. Supraco Lines. Aside from winning a dredging contract for one of Oil and Gas Company, PT. Supraco Lines has also acquired another valuable asset, a MOPU, with value more than USD 60 million to support Maleo Field Development located in Madura Strait.

In March 2014, Our Integrated Energy Services division and our Engineering, Construction, Asset Management & Operations – Maintenance Services division deployed their respective capabilities on a single integrated project. We have capabilities in design and build new oil and gas facilities. We manage and maintain existing facilities. We also enhance the performance of more mature or marginal assets. And we develop and train our customers and people to work more effectively. Operating onshore or offshore, our service lines can be delivered on a stand-alone basis or integrated, under a range of commercial models – so that our own interests are aligned with our customers.

Through integrity, determination, and relentless spirit, PT. Supraco Lines has continued its best effort to provide the best services for its clients and will continue to do so in the future.


As one of a fast-growing Offshore Marine Service Company, PT. Supraco Lines offers a wide range of offshore operations while upholding high standards to ensure providing top-notch services at a sustainable mode. The following list describes services provided:

• Offshore Production Facility, including FSO, FPU, FPSO and MOPU

• Asset Management and Operation – Maintenance Services, including Project Management Team

• Offshore and Dredging Operations Support


• MOPU Conversion and Operating Services

• Provision of 1 Unit Crane Barge and its Package for Dredging and Lifting/Add. Works

• Provision of Oyong Production Barge Services

• Charter for One (1) Unit Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) for Widuri Terminal

  • Client Project Descriptions
    SANTOS (SAMPANG) PTY. LTD. MOPU Conversion and Operating Services – Maleo Development
    SANTOS (SAMPANG) PTY. LTD. Produced Water Treatment Rental Services
    SANTOS (SAMPANG) PTY. LTD. Maleo and Peluang Field Operating Services


1 Set Mobile Offshore Production Unit with Gas Production Facilities and accomodatio
Marine & Construction
Marine & Construction
Marine & Construction