Up to 2015 PT. Supraco Lines has 1 unit of MOPU and 16 Ship Units divided into 2 Crane Barges, 1 CSMP Barge, 2 Anchor Handling Tugs, 4 Tugboats, 6 Hopper Barges, and 1 Sea Truck to support 2 Dredging Project Packages and RCB Projects.

RCB & CSMP Barge

The latest developments of the Company (2012) in its service delivery are River Crossing and River Bank Repair (RCB) involving our unit business in Marine & Construction Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC). In this service the Company uses Cement Stabilized Mud Paste (CSMP) Barge to return a protective blanket that protects gas pipelines in the Mahakam River.

Cement Stabilized Mud Paste (CSMP) Barge is a barge with CSMP Module that serves as a batching plant. This module will process the Cement, Mud, and Coconut Husk into a paste which will then be used to cover the pipe located across the river (River Crossing) and along the river (River Bank) on the Mahakam River. The blanket will then be given a final layer with concrete matrass or rigrop (stone).

Construction – EPCI

n 2013, we have an EPCI – Opportunity project with Santos Madura Offshore Limited. In this contract we build the installation in the Maleo Production Platform (MPP) Facilities Process. This installation offers to raise the gas production limits supplied to PGN in the Surabaya Area and in the surrounding area. We also do fabrication for spool and pipe at Gresik workshop. All fabrication products are mobilized and installed in our MPP. This contract period is 6 months, from September 2013 to March 2014.

Dredging and Lifting

Our services include the provision of dredging and lifting with the right crane and capable for activities in shallow waters and the coastal sea of Mahakam in East Kalimantan.

Client Project Descriptions
PT. Apexindo Pratama Duta Provision of Oyong Production Barge Services
CNOOC SES LTD Charter Hire 1 Unit FSO for Widuri Terminal
PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam Provision of Crane Barge and Its Package For Dredging
SANTOS (MADURA OFFSHORE) PTY. LTD. Peluang Project Engineering Services for Maleo Modification
Santos (Sampang) PTY LTD Offshore Installation Services for Pipeline and Booster Compressor
Total E&P Indonesia Provision of Crane Barge and Its Package For Dredging


Assets Descriptions
Crawler Crane 2 unit
Hopper Barge 6 unit
Tug boat 6 unit
Crew boat 1 unit
Work barge 2 unit



Marine & Construction
Marine & Construction
Marine & Construction