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PT.Supraco Indonesia (SPC) was founded in 1979 with the name of PT. Summa Prakasa Corporation aiming, initially to provide local service to many foreign oil and gas companies in Indonesia at this time. One of the business activities being managed was expatriate management services.

As the market and need widened, PT. Supraco Indonesia (SPC) has expanded its business activities to other areas in oil and gas sector. Service being provided today can be summarized into these following line businesses: Operation Support, Construction, Agency, Marine & Offshore Support, and Energy Development, mainly in operation support areas.

Today, PT. Supraco Indonesia (SPC) has established reputation as one of the prominent player in Indonesia oil & gas industry serving companies like Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Chevron Geothermal, Conocophilips, Exxon Mobil, TOTAL E&P, Schlumberger, Amerada Hess, TransOcean, Kangean Energy and many others.

With our experienced management resource, extensive network both local and international, as well as active representative in  major oil & gas cities in Indonesia, we are confident in offering best quality and value added service to our client.

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PT. Supraco Deep Water, as a subsidiary of PT. Supraco Indonesia, had established in 2008 to anticipate a promising project for offshore rig activities, dedicated to support worldwide. Start from provide crew for offshore rig, we plan to be “one stop shopping” for all Transocean offshore rig activities, such as for procurement and EPC (Integrated  – Engineering – Procurement – Construction).
Our Operation Support Services also involvein onshore and offshore drilling activities:

1. Company operates 8 onshore rigs owned by CPI in their working area

2. After Transocean merge with Global Santa Fe Intl, Transocean decided to continue the venture between Supraco Indonesia and Global Santa Fe Intl  by  trusting its support services to Supraco Deepwater.

3. Currently Supraco Deepwater provided operation support services to 4 Transocean rigs in Indonesia

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In 2008, Radiant Utama Group, through one of its subsidiary, PT. Supraco Indonesia, established PT. Supraco Lines to cater the needs of its Offshore Customers in the industry.
In 2011, PT. Supraco Lines has won its first Contract, the Spot Charter Contract for 3 months followed by the main Contract, Dredging & Lifting which lasts for 3 years.
During that year, PT. Supraco Lines also acquired the ownership of MOPU (Mobile Offshore Production Unit), an offshore production platform with value more than $40 million, operated in Maleo Area for Santos (Madura Offshore) Pty. Ltd. as part of development in Maleo Field. This project has been running from 2006 and will last in 2017.
Year 2012 is the year in which the Company has expanded its business by winning a Contract of FSO in Widuri Terminal and a Contract of booster compressor installation in MOPU.
These are the detail of PT Supraco Lines’ Project:

Dredging & Lifting Services

1. Project Name : Provision of 1 Unit 150 T Crane Barge and its Package for Dredging and Lifting/Add. Works (Package-4)

2. Duration of the Project

3. 3 years

4. Contract Value

5. USD 7,121,267

6. Project Type

7. Asset Based

8. Commencement Date

9. June 2011

10. Brief Description of the Project

11. This project main intention is to perform dredging activities in shallow waters and coastal sea of the Mahakam Contract area in East Kalimantan.

12. Ever since the project started until now,  SPL is able to maintain the production target  and operation cost.

MOPU (Mobile Offshore Production Unit)

offshore Services

1. Project Name : MOPU Conversion and Operating Services

2. Duration of the Project : 10 years

3. Contract Value : USD 230,167,000

4. Project Type : Asset Based

5. Commencement Date : April 2006

6. Brief Description of the Project : This project is intended for the installation of MOPU in Maleo Area. The facility supplies over 40% of gas to the industry located in East Java. Due to that reason, MOPU has become one of the most important asset of Local Government in East Java.

MOPU Booster Compressor Installation Services 

1. Project Name : MOPU Booster Compressor Installation Servives

2. Duration of the Project : 3 Months

3. Contract Value : ±USD 8,000,000

4. Project Type : Consortium with RUI

5. Estimated Commencement Date : September 2012

6. Brief Description of the Project : This project is dedicated to support Santos in the offshore constructions of the Maleo MOPU Booster Compressor Installation Project located within the Madura Offshore PSC, offshore Madura Island, East Java, Indonesia.

7. Santos requires Marine Fleet Services to support its Offshore Constructions . The Services are divided into two categories :

Charter FSO for Widuri Terminal

1. Project Name : Charter for One (1) Unit Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) for Widuri Terminal

2. Duration of the Project : 5 years fixed + 5 add. years

3. Contract Value : ±USD 120,000,000

4. Project Type : Consortium

5. Estimated Commencement Date : July 2013

6. Brief Description of the Project : This project is to replace existing FPSO, Lentera Bangsa, owned and operated by Trada Maritim Tbk. Due to explosion; the project is suspended & terminated. SPL will be the agent for proposed FSO, FEDERAL II. The O&M will be handled by Federal.

7. The converted FSO will be dedicated to accommodate oil production from Charterer oilfield concessions offshore North West Java.

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