The Company and its Subsidiaries remain committed to carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility and  always perform an active role. The Company always prioritizes the safety and health of employees and the community in the Company’s operational areas. The Company and its Subsidiaries consciously implement Corporate Social Responsibility in the social and environmental fields not only because of the regulations that require it, but also as a way for the Company to recognize and be responsible for its activities that affect the community, its employees (workplace and environment) where the Company and Subsidiary carries out its business activities.

The CSR activities covering social, religious, health, education and environmental aspects.



As the Company takes its employees from  the area in which we operate, thus we are closer to the community  and know where the most economic and social problems lie. Our CSR program  tries to  cover as many as people affected by our business activities directly  as well as indirectly.

1) Assistance for Disaster Victims

Assistance provided to Communities around the Branch Office in Duri who were affected by the fire on October 2, 2020.

2) Radiant Qurban

An  activity of slaughtering and distribution of Sacrificial meat during Eid al-Adha 1441 H organized at Cilegon Branch Office

3) Personal Protective Equipment Assistance in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

As a form of support and solidarity with the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Company is committed to mobilizing corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds to assist the public and health agencies in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, namely by providing hygiene water reservoir, a number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, faces. shield, hand gloves and social assistance to several health agencies, such as:

  1. Regional General Hospital Dr.H. Moh Anwar Sumenep, Madura
  2. Dirgahayu Hospital Samarinda
  3. CSR Marangkayu
  4. Health Program Karyawan OAFMS-PHKT All Site – pembagian Supplemen Kit Karyawan

This assistance is expected to help ease health services in handling Covid-19, as well as build a sense of companionship & solidarity between the Company and related health agencies

4) Installation of Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps

In the context of a social project in rural areas, the Company also contributes by installing an irrigation pump (irrigation of 5 hectares of rice fields) with 4.1 kWp of solar power in Bulakpacing Village, Dukuhwaru District, Tegal Regency.

The project has been implemented successfully and has operated to irrigate agricultural land in the village.



Our people  are  lifeblood asset of  the Company, our program relies on improving well being and quality of living of our people.

During 2020 our CSR activities in the area of workplace are:

1) Policies concerning Covid-19


Starting on March 11, 2020, Covid-19 has been declared as a global pandemic by WHO. Since then, the Government and all lines of business in Indonesia, including the Company, have set several emergency policies, one of which is to work at home or Work From Home (WFH).

In June 2020, the Company began to determine employee working time by implementing a shifting system, where 50% of employees are allowed to return to work in the office (WFO).

However, the Company has established strict Health Protocols, which start when employees enter the building, work space capacity, use of building facilities, maintain distance between employees, and require the use of personal protective equipment such as masks and face shields.

The slogan “keep your distance” continues to be promoted through flyers, email, and at the QSHE Monthly Meeting to avoid crowds in the middle of the Company’s environment.

2) “Plastic Trash Diet” Campaign

 This   Campaign   is motivated by the Company’s awareness and awareness of the global environmental problems concerning plastic waste as a waste material that requires a long period of time to be decomposed in landfill.

The purpose of  this Campaign:

  1. Reducing the use of plastic & styrofoam-based materials at the office
  2. Reducing plastic & styrofoam waste from all Radiant Group operational activities
  3. Familiarization the use of reusable material to all Radiant people.

The Plastic Diet Campaign starts  in August until now and is centered at the Company’s Head Office by involving all employees of the Company, covering the following activities:

  1.  Attractive information dissemination through the installation of banners on each floor and sending of e-mails regularly encouraging to reduce plastic waste
  2.  Providing lunch boxes on each floor of the Radiant Building for the usage as food container to substitute plastic packaging during ordering meals
  3.  Donate tote bags from employees to be distributed to employees in needs to substitute plastic shopping bags
  4.  Campaign brings its own tumbler when attending meetings at the Radiant Building
3) Energy Saving  Program

  1. Restricted use of Air Conditioning after 4:30 pm at the office
  2.  Campaign to turn off the lights when leaving the office space and meeting rooms
  3.  Campaign to  Reminder to plug off all electronic equipment if not being used or  public holiday
4) Solar PV Installation

In the series of Radiant Go Green, the Company has installed the 9.43 KWp On-Grid PLTS installed on the rooftop of  at   Radiant Group Building known as Company’s Head Office in Jakarta . This program has succeeded in reducing the use of electricity significantly at the Head Office.



Natural environment is the responsibility of everyone  including corporations, the Company believes there are  plenty  of  ways   to encourage and influences every employees to be more environmental friendly while doing their jobs and activities at the workplace.

 Starting   with  the simplest thing  to help the environment is to lessen  the use of   energy and  reduce  pollutant materials at the  workplace, therefore during 2020 we have conducted the following programs:

 1. Sorting of organic waste and inorganic waste

This program is part of “Waste Diet” campaign.   The Company encourages all employees to participate by sorting and littering their waste   at the dedicated bins available at certain locations at Company’s offices. Company believes this activity   is the most basic thing one can do in order to preserve the environment.

2. Support for Solar Panel Installation at Pangudi Luhur Senior High School, JakartaParticipation in   new and renewable energy programs introduction for educational  institutions by installing Solar Panels at SMA Pangudi Luhur Jakarta,  in  commemoration of Lustrum SMA Pangudi Luhur XI.


Education of New and Renewable Energy

As new and renewable energy has become a more significant part of the energy marketplace then it is crucial for the business operators to educate society   about new and renewable energy   information that changes the way of thinking about energy, sustainability, and resilience.

The Company realizes a well-informed society about new and renewable energy is a tangible benefits sector not only for the growth of this industry but also for encouraging    to change their behavior to   implement energy saving and conduct green living    in all of living aspects.

Communities and stakeholders   in particular young generation are showing growing needs for new and renewable energy information and education therefore   Company is  actively involve   numerous   lecturing   and sharing knowledge events     as a part of the process to develop visions, builds capacity and empower people to make changes within their societies.

During 2020, the Company presenting and lecturing at seminars and discussions in Indonesia as well as  cross border events as follows:

1) 12 Februari, 2020

Seminar regarding “People’s choice and the availability of resources contribute to the economic activities in a community” was held in Cikal Elementary School Jakarta, in which the President Director of the Company was the Guest Speaker.

2) 24 Agustus 2020Webinar “Indonesia Solar Market Outlook, Opportunities & Challenges”  in Jakarta, organized by EQ Magazine, a world leading solar media,  in which the Company’s President Director was one of the speakers.
3) 3 September 2020

Webinar organized  by the Global Solar Council (GSC) in collaboration with the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) and SolarQuarter on “Next Solar Destination in South East Asia – Opportunities for Global PV Market and post-Covid Scenarios”, in which the President Director is one of the Speakers.

4) 9 Oktober 2020

Forum Group Discussion held virtually by INSA (Indonesian National Shipowners Association) on the Role of “Special Ships” in Supporting Underwater Activities in the New Normal Era, in which the President Director of the Company and Supraco Lines  team were the speakers.

5) 7 Oktober 2020Webinar organized by SMA Pangudi Luhur Jakarta on “The Strategic Role of Renewable Energy to Overcome the Impact of Climate Change on Indonesia’s Earth” in which the President Director, as an alumnus, was one of the Speaker.
6) 18 November 2020Training held by APVIA (Asian PhotoVoltaic Industry Association) on “Fundamental Design of PV System” virtually, in which the President Director is one of the Guest Speakers.
7) 16 November 2020Discussion held  on  CNBC TV Indonesia on  the Energy Corner SQUAWK BOX  Program, about “Solar Power Generation Business Prospects in Indonesia”, where the President Director is one of the Guest Speakers.
8) 24 November 2020

Forum Group Discussion of Pre-Convention SCM FORUM SKK MIGAS 2020 on “Acceleration and Collaboration of Shipping Commodities to Support the Crude Oil  Target of 1 Million BOPD”.

9) 26 November 2020

ASEAN Clean Energy Week Virtual Confex with  focus on the countries of Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia,   Philippines and Myanmar, in which  the   President Director was a featured speaker representing contractors in Indonesia presenting about “Solar Project’s Challenges in Indonesia”.

10) 3 Desember 2020

Guest Speaker at  “Renewable Energy” education program for   Maitreyawira  elementary schools in Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, Batam, Bangka Belitung and Pangkal Pinang.


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