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Profile Of BOC

Ahmad Ganis

Dr. Ir. Ahmad Ganis M.Si

President Commissioner

Mr. Ahmad Ganis was one of the founders Radiant Utama  Group and served as Managing Director in 1981. He was appointed as President Commissioner since 1986. Mr. Ganis earned a chemical engineering degree from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1970 and started his career at Sucofindo as Assistant Manager in 1971. His last position in Sucofindo was Director (1977).

M. Ahmad Rifai

M. A. Rifai 


Mr. M. Ahmad Rifai was appointed as commissioner of PT Radiant Utama Interinsco Tbk in 2015. He graduated with Economics degree from the University of Padjajaran. Previously, he held office as Managing Director at PT Tropika Alam Sejahtera in 1987. He then served as Consultant for restructuring and governance matters at PT Mayasari Bakti Holding Co in 2002. He joined Radiant Group since 1980 as Administration and Finance Director of PT Radiant Utama Technical Services, he also served as Board Advisor in Radiant Group since 2006 as Board Advisor mainly for HRD and governance matters.

Winarno Zain

Drs. Winarno Zain

Independent Commissioners

Mr. Winarno Zain was appointed as Independent Commissioner of PT Radiant Utama Interinsco Tbk since 2006. He completed education at the University of Indonesia in 1968. Previously occupied various positions at PT Unilever Indonesia (1970-1988) with last position as Commercial Manager of Food and Detergent Division. He then served as Vice President of PT Ika Muda Group, Los Angeles branch in 1989, became Member KPKN (Committee of State Officials Assets Examination) in 2001-2004 and member of Attorney General’s expert team since 2005.

Profile Of BOD

Sofwan Farisyi

Ir. Sofwan Farisyi, MM

President Director and CO

Mr. Sofwan Farisyi was appointed as President Director of PT Supraco Indonesia and PT Radiant Utama Interinsco, Tbk. in 2005. He joined Radiant Utama Group as Project Operations Manager at PT Supraco Indonesia in 1998 and completed his Master’s Degree in Management from the University of Indonesia in 1999. Previously Mr. Sofwan worked at PT Bangun Panca Sarana Abadi (New Sulzer Diesel) in 1992-1998.

Muhammad Hamid

Muhammad Hamid


Mr. Hamid joined PT Radiant Utama Interinsco in 1996 as General Manager of Accounting, and Finance Director since 2002-present. Previously he had been an executive in several companies: Head of Accounting Department in Bank Bukopin (1986-1989), Head of Finance and Administration Division in PT Rejeki Inter Dunia in 1989-1990, Head of Financial Management Reporting Division in Bank Subentra (1990-1995), and Finance Director in PT Grita Artha Kreamindo (1995-1996). Mr. Hamid received his Bachelor of Economics majoring in Accounting from the University of Indonesia in 1986.

Amira Ganis

Amira Ganis


Mrs. Amiera Ganis joined PT Radiant Utama Interinsco since 2002 as Project Cost Control Manager. Currently, she is also appounted as Director of PT Radiant Nusa Investama and PT Brawijaya Medikatama. She founded and developed the Brawijaya Women & Children’s Hospital from 2006 to 2011 before re-joining the PT Radiant Utama Interinsco in 2011. She completed her study a Master of Business Administration at Northeastern University, Boston.

Profil Of Corporate Secretary


Mona Nazaruddin

Corporate Secretary

Mrs. Mona Nazaruddin joined Radiant Group since mid-2000 as Legal Officer and continues to serve her legal expertise for various companies within Radiant Group. In 2016 she was appointed as VP of Corporate Legal & Formalities, on 8th August, 2016, she also appointed as Corporate Secretary. Previously, she had been worked as a Legal Officer in Media Indonesia Group (1997-2000) and Team member of Legal Task Force for Metro TV establishment (1999-2000). She earned Law degree from Gadjah Mada University in 1996 and completed her Master degree in Notarial Law from University of Indonesia in 1999.

Audit Committee Profile

Winarno Zain

Drs. Winarno Zain

Chairman of The Audit Committee

Mr. Winarno Zain was appointed as Commissioner of PT Radiant Utama Interinsco Tbk. since 2006. He completed education at the University of Indonesia in 1968. Previously occupied various positions at PT Unilever Indonesia (1970 – 1988) with last position as Commercial Manager of Food and Detergent Division. He then served as Vice President of PT Ika Muda Group, Los Angeles branch in 1989, became Member KPKN (Committee of State Officials Assets Examination) in 2001-2004 and member of Attorney General’s expert team since 2005.

Sri Hartono

Sri Hartono SE, Ak, MM

Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Sri Hartono joined Radiant Utama Group in 1997 and held several managerial positions before serving as Member of Audit Committee in 2006. Previously he hold several managerial positions such as: Group Inspector for Commercial Lending in Bank Bukopin (1987-1989), Deputy Finance Manager in PT Saga Rejeki Interdunia (1989-1990), Audit Head in Andromeda Bank (1990-1992), Assistant Audit Manager (1992-1995) and Audit Manager in Bank Finconesia (1996-1997). Mr. Sri Hartono obtained both his Bachelor of Accounting and Master’s Degree in Management from University of Indonesia in 1985 and 2006.

Wirawan B

DR. Wirawan B. Ilyas SE, Ak, MSi, MH, CPA

Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Wirawan B. Ilyas became a Member of Audit Committee in PT Radiant Utama Interisnco Tbk. since 2006 – present. As a practitioner his profession is Public Accountant and Tax Litigation. He is also a lecture and author of several books on Tax, and Accounting. He graduated from University of Indonesia as Bachelor of Economics majoring in Accountancy in 1984, Master of Science in Tax Administration from University of Indonesia in 1998, Business Management Doctoral Program in Accounting from Padjadjaran University in 2008. He joined the legal Studies Extension Program at the Faculty of Law in the University of Indonesia and completed his Masters Degree in Business Law at Faculty of Law in Padjadjaran University, as well as graduated from special Education Profession Advocate (PKPA) in PERADI. Aside of that, he also attented various training and seminars in the field of Accounting, Auditing, International taxation in Hongkong, Los Angeles and Sydney