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Agency & Trading


We are partnering with Alert Disaster Control, Crondall Energy Consultants, and Diversified Drilling.


Its management and personnel are dedicated to the provision of professional global Emergency Response and Integrated Risk Management Solutions. Spanning three decades of service excellence, Alert operations encompass the provision of Global Emergency Response and Integrated Risk Management Solutions Services. ALERT serves national authorities and leading multinational aeronautical, aviation, chemical, petroleum exploration and production, petrochemical, power/energy and transportation industries, and operating worldwide. The Products are:

1|  Emergency Response Services

1. Oilfield Firefighting and Blowout Control
2. Well Control Engineering and Project Management
3. Marine and Industrial Firefighting
4. Hazardous Material Control

2|  Integrated Risk Management Solutions Services

1. Risk Management Consultations Services, Systems and Products
2. Safety, Survival and Technical Training
3. Toxic Environment Protection
4. Fire and Safety Equipment and Product Sales

3|  Storm Alert

StormALERT high performance foam concentrates for successful extinguishment of Class B flammable liquid fires. An innovation in firefighting foam, StormALERT high performance foam concentrates are environmentally sustainable fluorosurfactant a fluoropolymer free product. Formulated using new synthetic foam concentrate technology, Storm ALERT high performance foam concentrate offer rapid knockdown and extinguishment, exceptional burn-back resistance, remarkable flow and rapid resealing characteristics and designed to replace AFFF and FFFP foam concentrates and older Fluoroprotein foams.

StormALERT Approval and listings include UL162 (Standard for Safety for Foam Equipment and Liquid Concentrates) European Standard EN 1568 Part 3 and 4, and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Level B.

4|  iResponse

ALERT iResponse Emergency Management Solutions Software encompasses comprehensive series of Decision Support Tools, which complement the software system modeling and simulations capability, immediately providing the user with critical support information in which to base emergency response decisions. Intuitive by design, ALERT iResponse enables the user to perform hazard assessments and modeling simulations encompassing a board range of realistic scenarios.

ALERT iResponse Emergency Management Solution Software provides a map view of the Asset, its resources and support infrastructure. The software enables the user to understand the site /asset risks, the interaction of potentially complex scenarios, and visualization of an incident and the most effective mitigation procedures.


Crondall Energy is a leading independent consulting organization providing strategic, commercial and technical services for offshore oil and gas projects that use floating production and subsea technology. Crondall Energy is helping oil companies worldwide to make sound strategic, technical and commercial decisions with:

1. Strategic, commercial & technical studies
2. Field development studies
3. Project support – commercial & technical
4. Project delivery assignments
5. Market analysis
6. Training & knowledge transfer
7. Technology development & joint industry research


Diversified Drilling & Industrial Equipment Trading F.Z.E. is a supplier of High Quality Oilfield Equipment and Services for the Drilling and Work over sector. These services include but are not limited to supplying of Drilling Rig components, Pressure control equipment, Down hole tools and Tubulars.
Diversified Drilling & Industrial Equipment was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2005 to supply OEM Quality equipment and support services to customers in the Middle East and Asia pacific regions


We also have some experiences in the trading sector with cooperation from several suppliers.. Some work has been done to supply equipment to oil and gas companies such as supplying UPS for Chevron group, procurement process of Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) for Petronas, supplying UPS for server room for Total E&P Indonesia and some other.